DOLMAR Power Products purchased, for consumer use, on or after April 1, 2013 have a TWO year warranty.
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Stratified Air Scavenging

The process of Stratified Scavenging recovers 75% of the unburned fuel normally lost by conventional 2-stroke exhaust and utilizes that fuel for power for greater efficiency and cleaner exhaust!

SLR - Scavenging Losses Rejection

The DOLMAR developed and patented process "SLR" is the reduction of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides in the exhaust of 2-stroke engines.


Easy Start

The new Easy Start System integrates a spring loaded reel (SFA) which - when released - applies motion to the flywheel through the strongest resistance phase of the starting cycle and complement with (MPI) memory power ignition reduces the efforts required to start the engine.


SFA - Spring Force Assist

First pull of the rope loads the spring in the reel which releases at maximum load and begins the motion of the flywheel

MPI - Memory Power Ignition

MPI technology is an integral function of the Easy Start System. A stored electrical charge, from revolutions of the flywheel, is released in subsequent starts.


MM4 Managed Mini 4 Stroke

Thanks to innovative development the DOLMAR MM4 series of 4-Stroke engines is the ideal power source for portable power equipment. Technological advantages are noticeable at every level of performance, both for the operator and for the environment


360 Degree all Position Operation

Patented unique lubrication system enables use of the MM4 engine in any position.