Cleaning the air filter

A clean air filter is essential for optimum engine performance. Remove the air filter element as directed in your operating manual.
To ensure that no particles of dirt get into the carburettor, it is advisable to cover the air intake opening with a clean cloth.

  • Separate the upper and lower halves of the air filter element, when applicable.
  • Wash the air filter halves in lukewarm water and a mild soap solution.
  • Do not use gas or harmful chemicals to clean!
  • Dry the air filter thoroughly.
  • Reassemble the upper and lower halves of the air filter element.

Before refitting the air filter element, check the air intake opening for dirt. Wipe out with a clean cloth if necessary.

NOTE: If the air filter element is damaged, replace immediately!

If you are sawing a lot of dry wood, it is advisable to fit a Robkoflok or wadded fleece filter element (supplied as standard with most models, otherwise available as an accessory spare part). Instructions for cleaning this type of filter element can be found in the operating manual.