Recently Introduced: DOLMAR's PS-3410 TH top-handle chainsaw for professional tree maintenance

The PS-3410 TH, with a high-torque 34.0 cc motor, is ideal for professional tree care operations and for use from lift buckets for maintenance, crown cleanup, trimming and dead wood removal. The high-torque motor is perfect for handling mid-size trees.

The PS-3410 TH has an easy-start, two stroke engine. Quick starts in all positions are due to the carburetor and ignition system, optimized with easy start, and combined with a spring-support starter. A vibration damping system effectively helps reduce effort and strain on the operator’s arms and joints. An automatic oil pump supplies constant lubrication to the chain.

In 2007: A new feature for the top-handle - a tool less chain tensioner system, designated as model PS-3410 TH TLC.

The new PS-3410 TH TLC represents an upgrade of DOLMAR’s top-handle chainsaw. The new model has the same, powerful, easy-start two-stroke engine but is recognized by the model designation of “TLC”, which stands for “Tool Less Chain tensioner”. This new lateral chain tensioner allows the user to fit and tension the chain easily. Chains can become stretched over time as a result of normal wear and tear in the riveted links. A loose saw chain is potentially dangerous, so regular tensioning is an essential maintenance task. Now tensioning the chain is a simple matter of opening the sprocket cover with a few turns on a retractable wing nut and just turning the adjuster to take up the extra slack in the chain.

The new PS-3410 TH TLC has the same features as the top-handle model PS-3410 TH with the addition of the new lateral chain tensioner. Either model is perfect for professional arborists or orchard workers – both of whom will appreciate its light weight, quick starting and powerful performance!