DOLMAR unveils the new PC-8140 professional power cutter and innovative and practical accessories

In construction and landscaping jobs that require curbs or stone borders, more and more clients are requiring a nice clean cut with no chipped or broken edges. DOLMAR now offers a tool that meets these needs: the new PC-8140 professional-quality power cutter. With its powerful 81.0cc engine, 16” (40cm) cutting wheel and an effective cutting depth of 5-3/4”, this machine makes light work of virtually any task in road maintenance and landscaping. The engine is rated at 4.5 kW (6.1 bHP) and has plenty of power to spare for fast, easy cutting through stone and other hard materials.

Weighing in at just 23.9 lbs., the PC-8140 is not just the lightest machine in the 16” class – but also has the best power-to-weight ratio. This power cutter is perfectly balanced, the center of gravity located directly under the front handle. This gives the operator optimum cutting control and makes it easy to carry. The highly effective damping system cuts vibrations to the front and rear handles reducing operator strain. A special high-performance V-belt is designed to transmit maximum power to the disc with minimum wear and tear. The on/off switch prevents accidental start-ups, and the built-in decompression valve reduces the physical effort required to start the engine.

Air for the engine is filtered by drawing it in through oil-impregnated foam filters. The special oil within the filters traps even the smallest dust particles. A wheeled guide cart is an available accessory – ideal for guiding the power cutter when making long horizontal cuts.

Innovative and Practical Accessories: The 8-liter pressurized water tank
More and more local authorities are demanding effective dust containment measures. So the new 8-liter pressurized water tank made of high-quality polycarbonate is all the more important. It ensures a mobile supply of water for dust containment when cutting stone on site. The power cutter can be cleaned after use with the practical spray nozzle. A set of wear parts (o-ring set) for the 8-liter pressurized water tank is also available.