Powerful and Safe: Two main features of the new range of gasoline hedge trimmers from DOLMAR

DOLMAR is unveiling a complete new series of gasoline hedge trimmers. Power and safety are two main features that describe the four new trimmers. The light weight design and innovative handle system ensures safety, while modern engines and perfected technical features guarantee a powerful tool.

The four new gasoline trimmers in the series are equipped with a heavy-duty transmission that is built to last and housed in a solid magnesium gearbox. A highly engineered, heavy-gauge cutter blade assembly, with blade lengths ranging from 18”-30”, retains a keen cutting edge over time. The double-edged, dual action blades ensure fast, clean cutting. A transparent hand guard allows the operator a clear view of the cutting action.

These trimmers have an advanced ergonomic handle design. The handle adjusts to seven 30-degree steps, ensuring fatigue-free working and good guidance. Optimum damping of vibrations through four steel springs reduces fatigue and strain on the operator. An additional safety feature: the blade break clutch with brake spring.

DOLMAR’s new trimmers are designed to meet the different needs of professional and private users alike. The HT-245 and HT-255 have shorter blade lengths, ranging from 18” to 22”, respectively, while both have a blade cutting diameter of 1”. Both have a 25.0cc engine that operates quietly with high power reserves at low speeds – making it comfortable to work with. With a slightly smaller and lighter design, the HT-245 and HT-255 are suitable for private users who still want a professional product.

The two top end models, the HT-2960 and HT-2975, are designed to meet the demanding needs of the professional user in the commercial sector. With a 29.0cc two-stroke engine with easy start priming, these models deliver the type of power that professional users demand. They have a high-quality cylinder and piston as well as a 3-part forged crankshaft. The cutting lengths range from 24” - 30”, respectively and boast a cutting diameter of 1-1/4”.