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PS-5105 H

Gasoline chain saw
Powerful, agile and reliable chain saw.The formula for the professional mid-range model, with high torque for felling and stripping of mid-sized trees, but also ideal for de-branching operations because of it's ergonomic design, high RPM and racy acceleration.
Technical specifications
PS-5105 H
50 cc (3.1 cu. in)
Power rating
2.8 kW (3.9 HP)
Net weight
5.6 kg (12.3 lbs)
Max engine speed
13,800 rpm
Engine manufacturer
Fuel tank capacity
0.47 l (15.1 oz)
Oil tank capacity
0.27 l (9.1 oz)
Handle Heating
Standard guide bar
16", 18"
Optional guide bars
MPI technology (Memory-Power-Ignition) for easy restart
Catalytic converter to clean the exhaust gases
Powerful engine for felling and chopping medium-thick wood
Good cooling for a high reliability
High rpm and super-fast acceleration
Ergonomic design, easy handling
Touch&Stop one lever control with clearly defined positions for cold starting, operation and stop. Engines shuts off with just a touch.
Tool-less filter maintenance
Lateral chain tensioning
Optimum chip flow through
Adjustable oil pump, disabled at engine idling
Handle heating system
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Parts List
Saw chain and guide bar overview
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