Gasoline chain saw
This chainsaw does the job as a felling saw and a debranching saw in one machine. Especially at far offsite locations which have to be reached by foot, the transport of only one saw makes the job a lot easier.
Technical specifications
61 cc (3.7 cu. in)
Power rating
3.4 kW (4.5 HP)
Max engine speed
13,800 rpm
Net weight
6.0 kg (13.22 lbs)
Fuel tank capacity
0.8 l (27 oz)
Oil tank capacity
0.48 l (16.2 oz)
Vibration damping
Chain tensioning
Lateral tensioning
Automatic oilpump
Standard guide bar
Optional guide bar
18", 20"
Up to 20% less fuel consumption and low emissions according 2002/88/EC for environmental and user benefit with Stratified-Air-Scavenging-Technology
Big fuel tank - up to 30 minutes operating with one tankfill
Powerful at a high torque
Intake centrifugal air pre-cleaning significantly reduce dirt particles at an early stage
Extended worktime with Longlife Filter system. Toolless change and easy cleaning.
Easy Start: Spring assisted starter combined with optimized engine management signitificantly reduces resistance
Primer pump for easy start
MPI technology (Memory-Power-Ignition) for easy restart
Touch&Stop one lever control with clearly defined positions for cold starting, operation and stop. Engines shuts off with just a touch.
Vibration damping
Lateral chain tensioner for uncomplicated re-tensioning of the saw chain
Adjustable oil pump, disabled at engine idling
Centrifugal clutch with 3 weights
SafetyMatic chain brake
Product Sheet (PDF)
Saw chain and guide bar overview
Parts list