PT-2000 guide cart with QuickLock
The DOLMAR guide cart accepts DOLMAR Power
Cutters with just a few hand motions and no tools,
thanks to the patented QuickLock tensioning system.

Wheel axle may be displaced to the left or right of
travel direction. This simplifies close trimming at edges
and obstacles.

Standard depth limiter for precise cuts to the desired

Angled tank filler for refueling is standard.

Pressurized and gravity-fed water tank with gravity
tank to suppress dust, 15 liters, standard.
Polycarbonate pressurized water tank
To provide pressurized water independent of a water connection or
hose faucet. Pressure 3-5 atmospheres is achieved using a hand
pump and forces water through tubing to bathe the cutting wheel.
Suitable for handheld uses at various heights.
Water tank repair kit
Repair kit for the polycarbonate pressurized water tank
Service set for reliable long-term operation
Drive belt, fuel cap, starter cord, combination
wrench, and fuel filter with service instructions.
Fits models: PC-6412, PC-6414, PC-6430, PC-6435, PC-7312,
PC-7314, PC-7330, PC-7335
Filter cleaner and filter oil kit
The PC-8135 and PC-8140 pre-filters are pre-oiled to provide better protection from concrete dust. The filter cleaner and filter oil are available as a set.
Angled tank filler
For simple refueling when the guide cart is used.
The angled filler allows the device to be refueled while upright. Included with PT-2000 guide cart.
Guide roller
To keep the machine on track.
5 pre-filters and an air filter cartridge. 957 173 190

Oiled Filter-Set
5 pre-filters and an air filter cartridge. Oiled.
957 173 210

Diamond cutting wheels

  • Suitable for dry/wet cutting

  • Water cooling to reduce dust and to cool the blade are recommended

Epoxy-resin cutting wheels
Epoxy-resin cutting wheels are available for concrete cutting and for steel cutting.
Storage and transport box
Maintain order at the workplace using compartments for blades, motor oil, hearing protection, machine, and accessories. The box may be affixed to truck beds to provide theft protection. Buckle locks ensure a good seal against unauthorized access.