MS-245.4 U

Due to the powerful 4-stroke motor, this model is the ideal partner for all work round the house, for longer grass as well as for shrubbery. The Dolmar 4-stroke technology with its unique and patented oil circuit characterises itself by its ergonomity, longevity and environmental friendliness

Technical specifications
MS-245.4 U
24.5 cc (1.52 cu. in)
Power rating
0.71 kW (0.95 HP)
Weight (without tool and cover)
5.7 kg (12.5 lbs)
Length (without tool)
1.77 m
Fuel tank capacity
0.5 l (16.9 oz)
Powerful and environmental friendly 4-Stroke-Engine.
Low cost due to outstanding low fuel consumption
Start system with automatic decompression valve and primer for easy starting
Low noise level for comfortable working
Fuel: Pure petrol - no mixture
Unique patented oil circulation
Cushioning of the shaft system
Ergonomic rubber handles for comfortable work
Toolless quick fastening of the handle attachment allows transport position and individual angle adjustment of the handle system
Universal hood - Toolless extension by means of a slide system
Product Sheet (PDF)
Trimmer head chart
Parts list